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Expert analysis and studies

 Expert analysis and studies are being developed by Czech DEX based on client´s interest. Such examinations are provided by us in different fields of interest. Czech DEX team has a long experience in sectors analysis as well as in strategic planning. We are also able to provide a technical background analysis based on experience gained through realized studies and research proposals for government institutions as well as for the private sector.

 The main areas of Czech DEX expertise regarding the development of analysis and studies include the following:

  •  Industries

 Czech DEX is able to operate in all sorts of industrial fields. The main fields of expertise are: automotive, ICT, health, energy&renewable sources and aero&space. We are able to offer industrial thematic analysis, reports and studies. It can be completed with financial and marketing analysis and reports in chosen sectors. Export and Import analysis are also carried out by Czech DEX experts.

 Special emphasis is dedicated to Innovations inside companies analysis. This complex service is concentrating on the analysis of the innovative environment inside companies.

  •  Clusters

Czech DEX has a great experience in the field of the cooperation with various clusters under different projects. Some of these projects have even been developed by Czech DEX and include the creation of meta-cluster or creating of network of clusters.

Expert analysis and studies regarding clusters concentrate on the facilitation and development of possible cluster cooperation, strategies development and also on activities related to benchmarking and mapping with different purpose implementation.

  • Funded projects from public sources

Czech DEX expert analysis and studies related to project funding include the preparation of mid-term and ex-post evaluations as well as continuous monitoring of implementation of client´s projects.

  • Infrastructure development

Infrastructure development is realized by Czech DEX through PPP model implementation which includes a complex of interconnected services joining public and private sector representatives to do investments into the infrastructure. Analysis and studies carried out by Czech DEX regarding infrastructure development also include preparation of impact and feasibility studies as well as all kinds of evaluations and monitoring activities. Each such analysis is always reflecting the needs of our clients.

  • Other

Other activities performed by Czech DEX related to the service preparation of expert analysis and studies include development of regional and transregional action plans for our clients. Development of such plan is often connected to international project activities of our clients.



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