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Through the News section Czech DEX keeps you updated with its latest activities. 


September 2016

The final event of RS&RC project introduced the use of storytelling in work with communities

The final event of the RS&RC project took place in Evropský dům on 21. 09. 2016, 10:00-15:30

An inspirational and interactive seminar and workshop with the topic: USE OF STORYTELLING IN WORK WITH COMMUNITIES / GROUPS OF PEOPLE SHARING A COMMON PROBLEM

The main aim of the seminar was to introduce the RS&RC project and its methodology in respect to its work with communities: storytelling. The audience also learned about the project´s progress in the Czech Republic and about its activities and participants. The most interesting part of the seminar was the introduction and discussion with two participants of the project: 2 unemployed 50+ women, where the audience had a chance to ask questions. The audience was mainly interested in the experience both women had with this project and its impact not only in respect to their search for employment but also its influence on their personal lives. 

A workshop was also a part of the seminar. Here the audience could try out activities from the project´s Manual – part of the Handbook, created on the basis of work conducted with communities in selected European countries.

This project runs in several European Union countries. In the Czech Republic it was focused on the unemployed 50+ community. There are three main outputs to this project: a Handbook with a Manual, describing the use of storytelling in work with communities, photos and videos and training courses, which should be available during the next couple of weeks.

For full details please visit:  


July 2016

Get inspired on our seminar and workshop on the topic of storytelling use in work with communities / groups of people sharing a common problem


We would like to invite you to the final inspiration and discussion seminar and workshop under the RS&RCproject with the topic “Use of narrative and storytelling in work with communities / groups of people sharing a common problem.” 

This seminar and workshop will be held on 21.9.2016 at the Evropský dům in Prague from 10:00 to 15:30 and the entry is free for all participants. 

The event is intended for:

  • representatives of non-profit, educational, community, social and other organizations, whether public or private, who are dedicated to helping communities / groups  of people sharing a common problem;
  • personal coaches, teachers, educators working with groups or individuals;
  • representatives of public administration, who want to obtain a methodological inspiration, including best practice examples for their own activities and the methodology for diverse group of people (unemployed people, refuges, foreigners, disabled, etc.);
  • journalists

VIDEO INVITATION: video invitation from the lead partner of project

For more information about the event, some photo samples, the invitation with the event programme and information on how to register yourself, please see 

We are looking forward to seeing you!  


May 2016

 Call for participants of Training day with narrative and storytelling approaches in Gouda, the Netherlands.

Czech DEX has the pleasure to invite all community workers, social workers, informal network members, non-formal trainers, consultants, coaches, NGO representatives and other people working with groups of people sharing the same problem to Training days with narrative and storytelling approaches, that will happen in Gouda, the Netherlands, on June 13-15th, 2016.

The Training days are based on project RS&RC (Raising Strong & Resilient Communities) and the work, all 9 partners have carried out with their selected communities within last 2 years of the project.

The call for participants is open until May, 15th, 2016. Please see more details about Training Days and find the Application itself on .

If you need any more specific information about the event, please contatc either Yvor Broer (as in information below) or Michal Stefan (Czech DEX, 777 477 497, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). 


December 2015

Storytelling interviews with unemployed 50+ will take place in Liberec + Prague during January and February 2016. 

RS&RC project gets more in depth into storytelling, starting its 2nd phase by rich storytelling interviews with unemployed 50+ people that will take place in Liberec and Prague during January and February 2016. Are you over 50 years old? Unemployed? Or do you know anybody in that category or problem right now around you? If yes, see invitation below and join us at interviews in Liberec or Prague. 


October 2015

RS&RC mini-conference in Prague revealed activities of storytelling RS&RC project (in Czech Republic focused on unemployed 50+) and other activites directed towards community of unemployed 50+ people 

29 attendants from non-profit organizations, public authorities, coaches, education agencies and more joined the miniconference in Prague on 9th November 2015. Altogether 7 speakers spoke and presented their activities and projects which were focused on main topic of the conference, which was „(Un)employed 50+, their engagement and motivation through storytelling, and their future working possibilties“.

Storytelling, storytelling in communities, good practices and RS&RC project has been presented together with physical examples of some work already done – ex. flipchart papers with story maps and stories themselves posted to walls. Participants were also provided with printed+electronical copies of project flyers, reports from listening and mapping events giving more details about the used methods and approaches, and also with a audio/video recording guide that has already been published.

Among the speakers were other relevant and important organizations such as Plus 50 o.s., Alternativa 50+ o.p.s., Gle o.p.s., Age Management o.s. and Centrum Senorina. As a guest also a previous journalist from Czech Television.

October 2015

NoNEETs final mini-conference in Prague

Local mini-conference on topic of (un)employment of youth up to 30 years old took place in Prague, 23rd October, in European House premises. With a core topic of (un)employment of youth, the mini-conference gathered around project NoNEETs outputs, enabled fruitful inspiration, discussion and possibility to speak to several groups of people – labour office personnel, education/training agencies, non-profit organizations, career coaches, teachers, work agencies and press.

Starting with Manpower´s introduction into the profiles and specifics of neets (youth neither in employment, education or training), Michal Stefan from Czech DEX presented main outputs, inspirations and further potentials of NoNEETs project ( Other angles at the same problem and their experiences were presented also by heads from Labour offices and Career coaching division of government education institute. The mini-conference was closed by interesting angle discussion on education as one of the very important factors influencing (un)employment.

Outputs of the NoNEETs project are available publicly to all other organizations willing to adopt and adjust piloted training programmes for unemployed neets in their own activities. All information can be accessed here: 

October 2015

Participate in 2 mini-conferences in Prague on 23/10 and 9/11

Let us invite everybody to 2 Prague mini-conferences we are organizing at premises of European House!

On 23/10, there will be a mini-conference focused on topics of unemployment of people under 30 years, intensive training programmes and other initiatives and commong future challenges when working with this age of unemployed. List of speakers includes marketing managers, labour office representatives, career coaches, university lecturers and project managers.

On 9/11, there will be a mini-conference focused on topics of unemployment of people 50+, storyteling and common future challenges when working with this and other possible communities. List of speakers includes journalists, non-profit educators, sociologists, project managers and coordinators.

For more information, please write email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !


July + August 2015

Second big public event for unemployed 50+ years revealed most priority problems and attached experiences to relevant subjects dealing with the problem and time

In July 2015, two other smaller public events for unemploed 50+ years (story circles) were organised for the participants of the first listening event in order to discuss, ask questions and listen to participants´stories and experiences related to topics that have not been discussed during the first listening event. These events took place on July 2nd and July 9th in the same place as the first listening event and included a group of 8 and 6 people.

CZECHDEX storycircle_P7020010

Second half of July has been devoted to giving a chance to the community to send us by email their further comments, experiences and stories in text related to topics, we havent discussed yet. Moreover, each topic has been provided with leading questions enabling the stories and comments to emerge more easily.

In August 2015, we have put together email comments and stories received during the summer time and prepared all for next public event – mapping event. First, we organised, again with the help of local labour offices and other promotion places locally 4 new promotion presentations to new unemployed people 50+ to invite the to the project and the next event.

Invitation to mapping event LBC 25082015

On August 25th 2015, a community mapping event has been organized again in Liberec and welcomed 14 unemployed people from the community 50+ and 3 people from participating organizations. Some community members from first listening event could not join too as they already found their job. However, we welcomed many new participants giving the second event even higher attendance of unemployed people that in the first public event.

The main aim of the mapping event was to get new community members to the project, show progress, comments, experiences and stories so far related to various already discussed topics. Also, we worked with structuring all comments related to specific subjects of the problem, their dependency in time, their priority etc. Results? Further increased trust within the community, increasing the community interest and a good start to analyse current stories and ask for more comments and experience related to identified priority problems, timing and subject of the problem, which will be asked to community members to deliver over email or other possibility during September.

CZECHDEX mappingevent_DSC_0008


July 2015

Pilot training sessions for young unemployed between 19-29 years old successfully accomplished

During 3 weeks of June and July, a group of 8 unemployed people of age between 19-29 years successfully participated in a pilot training sessions under the project called Training and Assessment programme for NEETs for full inclusion in the labor market and EU society.

Despite the fact, that motivation of unemployed people to participate in any kind of activity was very low, finally 8 participants applied for the pilot course. All of them finished the whole duration of the course which contained different sessions focused on topics, that are most significant and relevant to unemployability of young people - self-awareness and self-confidence, analysis of strengths and weaknesses, communications and presentation skills, career planning including practicalities of a CV, motivation letter and interview practise, potential development courses to take part in, information on starting a new business and information on language learning and seasonal or part time jobs.

Participants were very happy to be part of these pilot courses and stated, that gaining further self-confidence was one of the most important outcomes of the course. 

This pilot course has been carried out as a part of series of pilots, that were carried out also in other european states (ex. France, Italy, Spain, Romania, etc.) based on previous research among neets. Outcomes of these pilot sessions and their possible implementation in EU states will be a topic for final project event taking place on October 1st in Brussels.


June 2015

Are you more than 50 years old? Are you unemployed? Or frustrated from your current job and affraid of changing it?

Come on the 23rd of June 2015 at 10:00am to a Coworkingový Motor Liberce in the centre of Liberec!

We would like to listen to your personal story, experiences, worries, barriers and cited neccesary changes on the way of finding a job. You can also listen to the stories of others!

The special guest, Simona Vlkova, will share her story with you both personally, and via free e-book for all participants.

The more we talk about the problem, the easier it is to change anything! Please find more details about the event in the below flyer. In case interested, please do apply through either email or telephone as stated on the flyer!

Listening Akce 50


May 2015 

Call for participation in training courses starting in Jablonec nad Nisou (1.6.-18.6.) and Liberec (16.6.-2.7.)

Are you young, 20-29 years old, not in education, employment, and training? Participate in our 3-weeks training courses that will help your to overcome most of the barriers to get employment (topics of seminars and workshops below).

For Jablonec nad Nisou and Liberec courses, please apply by sending email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your email, mobile number and name with an email subject "KURZY JABLONEC" or "KURZY LIBEREC", based on your preferred location.

The structure and timetable for the coming courses are as follows:


kurzy LIBEREC od 16.6.


NoNEETs poster

May 2015 


Start of pilot training programmes for NEETs in Liberec and Jablonec nad Nisou


Based on last partner meeting that happened in Santiago de Compostela in the end of April, all project partners for NoNEETs project are now ready to implement pilot training programmes. These are designed as 3 weeks intensive courses / workshops that should enable young unemployed people 20-29 years old who are not studying, nor participating in other forms of education in the following:

- self-assessment and analysis

- higher confidence

- plan for a career

- knowledge of further educational possibilities

- knowledge of part time and flexible jobs opportunities

- knowledge of langauge requirements and possibilities

- starting own business or independent work

The courses are open to anybody within the above stated category, and are realized in a close cooperation with local labour offices in Liberec and Jablonec nad Nisou. They are planned to start on 1st June in Jablonec nad Nisou and on 8th June in Liberec. Each group should consists of maximum 10 people for maximum efect on participants. More information about these courses can be found on 

The feedback on these pilot courses will be then applied to final draft of training courses which should be presented in September in Brussels and also locally in the Czech Republic in October.



April 2015 

Storytelling as a method to empower and motivate people 50+ years with employment difficulties

Czech DEX has started cooperating with local labour offices (Liberec region) and non-formal organizations PLUS 50 o.s. and ALTERNATIVA 50+ o.p.s. on a common community project focused on exploiting storytteling as a method of community empowerment and change. Together, we will implement and pilot various storytelling approaches for a community of people 50-65 years old.

These people are often seen by employers as lacking IT or language skills and speed of work. As a result of this, people in this age category fear of changing their job or even loose it with a small chance to get another one instead.

Such prejudices and weaknesses play an important role in their minds and their employability. Therefore, by this innovative method, we will do our best to bring them motivation, trust and cohesion to become more stronger and more resilient as a community.

These activites are carried out under the project Raising strong & resilient communities: A narrative and storytelling approach to empower cooperation, cohesion and change in communities through non-formal education.


February 2015 

FTTH conference, Warsaw

DEX IC is attending the FTTH Conference of the FTTH Council Europe that is the biggest FTTH-related conference in the world. The conference takes place from 10 to 12 February and has been held in a different European cities since 2004. This year it is hosted in Warsaw, Poland.

Our colleagues are attending the first day of the conference that offers up to ten workshop streams to discuss specific topics in detail. DEXIC is representing the PPP4Broadband initiative!




January 2015

New project proposals to be submitted under the 1st call of the Central EU programme


DEX IC is preparing new project ideas to be submitted under priority axis 1 of the 1st call of the Central EU programme. More info will follow soon. Follow us via LinkedIn.



December 2014

Happy and prosperous 2015

Czech DEX and DEX IC wish all their partners and clients happy, successful and prosperous 2015, with lots of innovative ideas and projects :)


November 2014 

NoNEETs: the 2nd Working Meeting in Cosenza, Italy

NoNEETs partners met personally for the third time in the premises of Atlante who hosted all partners during 2-day project meeting in Calabrian city of Cosenza. This meeting held on 11th and 12th of November and its purpose was to brainstorm about Joint Training and Assessment Programme (JTAP) for young unemployed adults who is not in education (=NEETs) and to clarify some tasks and activities leading to successful realization of pilot training courses for NEETs based on developed JTAP.

The first day of the meeting was devoted to general project management and financial issues, presentation of the results coming out from NEETs´ need analysis across 6 EU countries and to designing of Joint Training and Assessment Programme for European NEETs.Partners agreed on the final common methodology to be used for pilot training courses on the second day of the meeting. In addition, partners shortly discussed also the ways of project´s promotion and planned further steps leading towards pilot trainings preparation and their realization without any delays.

In the end of the second day, partners had study visit in "Cittá dei Ragazzi" where they got familiar with the best practices and services offered to young adults and NEETs in Cosenza municipality.

partnership1partnership2view on night Cosenzastudy visit


 November 2014 

Czech DEX takes part in a new initiative "Raising Strong and Resilient Communities"

"Raising Strong and resilient Communities' consortium consisting of 9 project partners from 8 EU countries will develop a set of educational tools that can be used in adult education (with focus on non-formal adult education) dealing with active citizenship and participation. These tools will be based on existing and the further expansion of developed approaches, theories and methods of storytelling. A teacher/ trainer manual, structured courses for adult educators, and a collection of videos/ audio recordings will be developed to show the best practices and functions as instruction videos.

The aim of 2-year running initiative is to have trained non formal (adult) educators, volunteers and others involved in community collaboration, communication and well-being through a process that enables them to acquire new skills of listening, understanding and supporting communities in the 'reconstruction' of their past, present and future. They will learn innovative methods to assess communities, their 'hidden' social networks, storytelling spaces, key-storytellers and their true needs, based on mapping and story collecting. They will learn how to plan and craft new stories of collaboration and cooperation for the future and they will be able to assist communities in the communication and maintenance of these stories.


CzechDEX met other project partners personally for first time in Helsinki in the end of November. During 2-day Kick-off meeting was agreed to start with the actions and steps that should lead in boosting local communities in need.

Partnership dedicated the first day of Kick-off to internal management and assigning the roles and responsibilities. Methodology of the work supposed to lead to a successful outputs of RSRC was discussed and accepted by all the partners the second day of the meeting.

Big thanks belongs to SFV Bildning (lead partner organization) for smooth organization of the meeting.


  October 2014 

Invitation to the Final International Conference of InoPlaCe project

InoPlaCe project aims to support the development of services for young innovators to conceive, consider and start up their projects.

We would like to invite all young innovators (students, researchers, start-ups), service providers, professional public and policy makers engaged in the support areas of business development, promotion of science and research, etc. to take a part at Final Conference of InoPlaCe project.

 Place: Foundation for Architecture and Civil Engineering, Václavské square 833/31, Prague

 Date: 16th of October 2014.

 The following topics will be presented at the Conference:

 1. Selected providers' presentations of supporting services for young innovators and other supporting institutions (National Cluster Association, CzechInvest, Technology Centre of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, BIC R&D, Ltd.);

 2. International context and trends in supporting young innovators;

 3. Support for young innovators in selected regions of Central Europe;

 4. Activities and results of the InoPlaCe project.

 Conference is hosted by Lead Partner of the project - Regional Development Agency of South Bohemia (CZ) and participation is free of charge including refreshment.

Official invitation with agenda is available here.


 Please register via this link.

 Deadline for registration is: 14. 10. 2014

 We look forward to meet you personally!

 Czech DEX team 

 October 2014

NoNEETs: Joint Report on NEETs is out!

Report written in English and compiled by Czech DEX is one of crucial output within transnational NoNEETs initiative. It describes phenomenon of NEET population generally and analyzes the situation of young unemployed across 6 European countries in a very legible form. Last but not least report proposes also good practices from 6 EU countries that have had a great pozitive impact regarding lowering the number of NEETs.

Feel free to read it here

 October  2014

Open days in Brussels

The OPEN DAYS - European Week of Regions and Cities is an annual four-day event during which cities and regions showcase their capacity to create growth and jobs, implement European Union cohesion policy, and prove the importance of the local and regional level for good European governance.

Located in the Committee of the Regions premises, the Meeting Place offers a central location as part of the OPEN DAYS programme. The workshops and debates taking place at the Meeting Place constitutes one third of the OPEN DAYS official programme. Participants come here, not only to join the workshops, but also to meet informally, to network and develop new or existing partnerships.

More information and registration are available here.

Septebmer 2014

A new InoPlaCe Portal

A new web portal within InoPlaCe international project is going to be launched in upcoming days. It has been developed in cooperation with DEX Innovation Centre that has designed whole concept of portal (its design and functionalities). Portal will be serving mainly to young innovators up to 30 years old (PhD students, young entrepreneur, willing-to-be-entrepreneur, young researcher, start-up SME or spin-off SME) and to providers of services for start-ups and young innovators. In portal´s interactive environment, young innovators can search for services they need to conceive, consider and start up their innovative ideas not only from their region, but also across whole Central European region.

Moreover, portal provides interesting information and relevant events posted by service providers themselves witin dedicated section, so young innovators will be always updated about fresh events in which they might get interested.

Registration is very easy and fast, after registration you will have full access to all sections of portal. You can start to explore InoPlaCe portal on this website.

 September  2014

NoNEETs brochure is out!

Czech version of NoNEETs brochure has been issued. NoNEETs brochure´s aim is to raise awareness about NEETs phenomenon and promote planned NoNEETs seminars for young adults who is not in employment, education or training in the Czech Republic.

You can start to read it here (in the Czech language).

July  2014

Annual CENTRAL EUROPE conference 2014

The annual two-day conference in Vienna linked the old to the new CENTRAL EUROPE Programme. Achievements of 124 projects implemented in the past seven years were presented and discussed among project partners, policy makers and other stakeholders from all over central Europe.

The CENTRAL EUROPE Programme has proven to be a relevant instrument for tackling common challenges and needs among regions of Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia. In the new programme Croatia will also be able to participate. With comparably limited funds available for transnational cooperation, the focus is on building capacities through exchanging good practices and testing new, innovative approaches rather than on big investments.

The conference introduced details of the upcoming first call for project proposals. The call is expected to open in early 2015 following the final approval of the programme by the European Commission.

Over the next seven years, 246 million Euros will become available for financing transnational regional cooperation. More detailes about expected funds and topics to be funded, you can read here.

CE conference

June  2014

FET Conference

FET (Future α Emerging Technologies) is the incubator and pathfinder for new ideas and themes for long-term research in the area of ICT. Its promote high risk research.

FET includes three conferences. The final FET conference on „Strengthening Participation in FET“ took place in Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest on 25th and 26th of June. The conference attracted a good mix of technical people from Europe´s most advanced labs in FET research and of policy makers from different member states.

The event also attended European Commissioner Jean-Marie Auger who talked about FET flagship. 

June  2014

NoNEETs: the 1st Working Meeting in Prague was fruitful

Czech DEX hosted 2-day working meeting of NoNEETs project in Prague from 24.6. to 25.6. First day, partners presented interesting findings obtained in their regions, shared experiences from surveys and Focus Groups among each other as well as work on Joint Report on NEETs including transferrable Good Practices has started during the meeting. Moreover, partners were discussing the financial issues and how to manage following work load within partnership.

The second day was devoted mainly to design of the Joint Training and Assessment Programme for NEETs, which supposed to be completed in the end of this year (draft version). As second issue discussed in 2nd day was internal communication among partners as well as external communication, most appropriate ways of project´s promotion and design of outputs of our work. In the end of the meeting, Czech DEX organised for partners two study visits related to topics of youth and their inclusion into labor market / education.









June  2014

NoNEETs: Report summarizing all findings about NEETs situation

It is our pleasure to present the result from regional mapping of NEETs´ situation in the Liberec region, the Czech Republic. Czech DEX as project partner of NoNEETs initiative found out the profile of NEETs, their real needs and interests through performed survey and organised Focus Group with the target group at Labor Office in the city of Jablonec nad Nisou.

Based on all findings, Czech DEX elaborated the diagnosis report providing the stakeholders with overview regarding the NEETs profiles and needs. The report is written in both Czech and English version and it is available in English version here and in Czech version here.


June  2014

SEE-MED Joint Communication Seminar

Roughly 100 communication managers of more than 60 projects were participating at 2-day Joint Communication Seminar and Trainings co-organised by the South East Europe and Mediterranean transnational programmes 2nd and 3rd June.

This event aimed at supporting project communication managers in the last communication activities to be carried out by their projects in order to best disseminate the results produced, increasing their impact and reaching an appropriate target audience. 

Communication managers of SEE and MED projects learnt how to fine tune their Communication Strategies; how to best use Social Media for the project purposes; how to best organise their Final Events; how to use Story-telling to best disseminate their project results; and how to best advocate the project at EU level. Apart from the workshop and learning sessions, there was a valuable exchange of knowledge and practices between SEE and MED projects.

It was for the first time, when the two transnational programmes succefully organised together this training for communication managers.

 CS Bled1CS Bled2 

 March  2014

Innovation Convention event

The 2nd two-day Innovation Convention took place in March 2014 in Brussels. This event with over 2000 participants was under the patronage of the President of the European Commission Mr José Manuel Barroso.

The Innovation convention has three aims: engage in and contribute to the innovation debate with business leaders, top researchers and high-level policy makers. This event also help network and share experiences with peers, gain inspiration from world-renowned speakers and great innovation showcases.

More information about this event you can find in this video.

March  2014

Horizon 2020: definition of the interests and related preparation

Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020).

Czech DEX realizes a big potential in such significant EU´s programme offering many possibilites through whose it´s possible to achieve EU´s goals for 2020 (Europe 2020 strategy). Czech DEX would like to provide contributions to Europe 2020 goals through the following priorities that tightly correspond with Czech DEX activities:

1. New form of Innovation H2020 – INSO 2014

2. Making science, education and careers attractive for young people

3. Integrating society in science and innovation

4. Promoting gender equality in research and innovation

5. The young generation in an innovative, inclusive and sustainable Europe

6. Boosting the Investment-Readiness of SMEs and Small Midcaps

Youth, gender equality, entrepreneurship and regional development are main challenges of Czech DEX team for a long time and Horizon 2020 is considered as very supportive tool to deal with those issues.


By coupling research and innovation, Horizon 2020 is helping to achieve smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and jobs with its emphasis on excellent science, industrial leadership and tackling societal challenges. The goal is to ensure Europe produces world-class science, removes barriers to innovation and makes it easier for the public and private sectors to work together in delivering innovation.

DEX Innovation Centre having a high-level of expertise in research and innovation activities and covering the three stages of the full innovation cycle (proof-of-concept, innovation development and commercialisation) has defined its following seven specific priorities within Horizon 2020 given the fact that all of them tackle the applied research in ICT:

1. Personalising health and care – PHC 2014

2. Smart cities and communities

3. Energy efficiency research & innovation

4. FET – open novel ideas for radically new technologies

5. Disaster-resilience: safeguarding and securing society, including adapting to climate change

6. Digital security: Cybersecurity, Privacy and Trust

7. ICT 2014 – Information and communications technologies

Within the first priority (under PHC 26) DEX Innovation Centre is developing the initiative dealing with m-health open and flexible solution. On the other side team of DEX Innovation Centre can offer its expertise and be an added value for project partnerships dealing with one of the above mentioned priorities.

Based on the achievements DEX IC has done so far, we firmly believe in our contribution to EUROPE 2020 goals achievements though it is challenging for Europe itself.


 February  2014

NoNEETs project: Individual interviews and Focus Group meeting at Labor Office in Jablonec n. Nisou.


Czech DEX organized (in cooperation with the Labour Office from Jablonec n. Nisou) a common meeting with the target group of the NoNEETs project - young adults not in employment, education and training. At the outset of the meeting the representatives of Czech DEX presented the project itself, its aims and main benefits for the NEETs group. Altogether 20 representatives of NEETs took part at this meeting and filled in the questionnaires.

Later on a focus group meeting took part with 8 representatives of NEETs. All participants shared their obstacles to find a job and told their stories. The NEETs representatives expressed their individual needs and interests that arise from their current position (not in employment, education and training). Most of them were able to define their desired working position and the path how to reach it.

Based on gathered data from this meeting, Czech DEX will be able to analyse NEET´s profiles and create a diagnosis report at national level comprising the obtained findings and additionally also the information from the official secondary sources at national level (e.g. Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports).


 November  2013

Kick-off meeting of a new LLP project NoNEETs in Toulouse, France.

meeting 1stdayproject partners_photo

Project NoNEETs running under Lifelong Learning Programme is implemented by 6 project partners across all EU (Spain, France, Czech Republic, Belgium, Italy and Romania) with the duration of 2 years (November 2013 - October 2015). Project deals with NEET population (= young adults who are not in employment, education or training). Aim of the project is to contribute by educating, training and encouraging this heterogeneous population to be included in both labour market and the society in general.

Project consortium met at the two-day Kick-off meeting that was held from 26th to 27th November 2013 in Toulouse, France. Kick-off meeting was organised by Lead Partner - CRIJ Midi-Pyrénées (Centre Régional d´Information Jeunesse) with headquarters in Toulouse. Project partners became familiar with a project background and overview, work packages structure and budget breakdown. Additionally, project consortium started to work on Needs Analysis of NEETs by discussing the concept of the questionnaire for individual interviews with NEETs. Czech DEX presented the content package related to the "Needs Analysis of NEETs" and will be coordinating project activities within part of the project.

For more information about the project, please don´t hesitate to contact us.


 February  2013

6th February 2013

Project Clusters-Cord where Czech DEX supports the lead partner - Regional Development Agency of Usti region, PLC - is getting to its end and on 6th February 2013 was organized the Final conference in Prague in Diplomat hotel.

Main results of the project are:

  • 70 Clusters analysed in a benchmarking study
  • 5 Forums organised to exchange experience
  • 32 Clusters involved in the project’s five working groups
  • 5 Meta-clusters created in the field: energy&environment, food processing, tourism, health, ICT





 January 2013

14th January 2013

DEXIC successfully submitted eWatchDog project proposal! 

DEXIC successfully submitted eWatchDog project proposal under the FP7-ICT-2013.5.1 call (Personalized health, active ageing and independent living) as the main idea holder and the coordinator. Project proposal is focused on providing guidance to older care recepients in the home care and information to their family relatives or national emergency services based on measured data from biosensors interpreted for selected diseases.


 October 2012

24th October 2012

Czech DEX announces celebrating fifth anniversary in business!

Czech DEX provides high level consultancy, innovation and research services in the regions of Central and South East Europe, is proudly celebrating its 5th year in business.

In the five years, since the establishment, Czech DEX has proven to be a growing SME providing high quality services not only regionally, but across all Central and South east Europe. In this time, Czech DEX extended its offer of services from core project development activities to many other services following its customer requests. Nowadays, Czech DEX provides to its clients services like International Project development, International Project management and technical assistance, Research and innovation, Expert analysis and studies, Education and training as well as Financing the innovations. In September 2012 there was created also DEX Innovation Centre which takes over all innovation and research activities from Czech DEX. It will allow Czech DEX to focus on new challenges coming together with EU2020 strategy, with the latest development of cluster activities, regional development, education challenges and financing of innovation.

Czech DEX would like to thank to all clients and other stakeholders for their cooperation in the first 5 years of its operation !


September 2012


DEX Innovation Centre established

Dear partners, colleagues and friends of DEX,

Czech DEX has provided to you a high level consultancy, innovation and research services in the region of Central Europe since 2007. Growing number of activities in both core areas – in innovation and research on one side and consultancy on the other side led us to the strategic decision to separate our activities. So let us to proudly announce a new member of Grupo DEX family: 


DEX Innovation Centre

DEX Innovation Centre ( DEXIC in short) established in industrial hearth of Czech republic – in the city of Liberec - will take over all innovation and research activities from Czech DEX. It will allow Czech DEX to focus on new challenges coming together with EU2020 strategy, with the latest development of cluster activities, regional development, education challenges and financing of innovation.

Nevertheless the legal process of establishment is over, we are now preparing for you new communication materials including web-site reflecting this change. Thus we close almost all parts of our site and we are looking forward to launch new website 20th October.


Thank you for your patience and stay with us!

Yours CzechDEX & DEX IC teams


 July 2012

Czech DEX is working on launching a new, renewed web-site.

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