"Financing the innovations."  
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Financing the innovations

Field of innovations represents a business area with a great potential for the future development. Financing the innovations is a major mission of Czech DEX provided in a cooperation with Grupo DEX network accross Europe. Throughout this service Czech DEX is focusing on the early stage of innovation development. This service includes the following activities and fields of expertise:

  • Business plan

Development of a good quality business plan is a key step to successfull business establishment as well as further business expansion or even when applying for external funding sources. The target group of this service are innovators, inventors, start-up entrepreneurs and SMEs (mainly micro-entreprises) who need help with a preparation of a complex and quality business plan to match their innovative ideas.

Thanks to many years of experience Czech DEX is able to support the client in all sorts of aspects regarding the development of the business plan. Understanding of client´s business idea is a key factor. Based on information provided we are able to proceed but regular consulations with clients are crucial. Czech DEX has a possibility to provide the client with an independent market analysis through our own resources. To complete the business plan we also prepare an independent financial analysis, risk-assesment and future business valuation. The result obtained by the client is a bussiness plan in a standardized form which is accepted and understandable for the early stage financial investors.

  • Intellectual property commercialisation

Counselling company Czech DEX is able to support the clients with advisory in the field of IP commercialisation. Innovations are directly connected with the IP field. To find out about Czech DEX services offered regarding IP commercialisation please go to Research and innovations.

  • Seed funding

Seed funding helps companies with a new product or technology launch. Seed funding is provided to help a business develop an idea, to create the product or to market the product for the first time ever. Companies that apply for seed funding are around a year old and they have not created a product or service before. Czech DEX regarding this services acts as a private investor. The target group of this service are innovators, inventors and start-up entrepreneurs. Czech DEX offers counselling service to the target group regarding the possible options when they need to cover the early stage investment requirements related to the development of innovations or invetions.

To obtain complex solution for your business, please, contact Czech DEX directly.

  • Venture capital rising

Through external funding source provided in the form of venture capital (VC) entrepreneurs can raise capital to finance further growth and development of their business. VC represents a „partnership“ between the entrepreneur and investor. In this case the investor receives a share of the equity in return to the provided external capital. Apart from the capital, the investor also brings a knowledge and experience to share with the entrepreneur´s company which can be even more valuable the the investment itself.

This services is targeted mainly on small and medium innovative entrepreneurs who would like to expand their business activities.

Czech DEX provides counselling support to innovative SMEs who are searching for external sources of financing through venture capital.

  • Financing through public funds

To be informed about complex and appropriate solution for your business, please, contact Czech DEX directly.


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