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Research and Innovation services

Based on the EU strategy to become the most dynamic competitive knowledge-based economy, Czech DEX is emphasising the so called „Knowledge triangle“ which consists of three core factors that support the efforts to meet the EU strategy. These factors are: research, education and innovation.

 The key objective of the research and innovation service is to provide counselling support in order to create information work space for research and innovation activites on the national as well as international level.

Research and innovation is one of the core services provided by Czech DEX, since being part of the Grupo DEX network gives us the extensive support reflecting the12 years of experience in this field.


Services provided by Czech DEX in this field consist of the following activites:

  •  Public funding of research projects

 The aim of Czech DEX is to provide information and links to EU-supported resources, initiatives and services which assist our clients to benefit from EU research and innovation activties.

Czech DEX is in this area mainly concentrating on the towards Horizon 2020 within the Seventh Framework Programme, which represents the next funding programme for EU research from 2012 – 2020. Our clients regarding this service are universities and research centres, SMEs and individual researchers who seek to participate and gain financial support for their research and innovation activities.

First and necessary step realized by Czech DEX is the identification and understanding of client´s needs. The most effective way has proven to be a brainstorming session with a client during which Czech DEX team experts are able to identify and gain insight into client´s requirements. The next step undertaken by Czech DEX is a promotion of the client to the most appropriate consortium based on identified needs. Finding and appointment of appropriate consortium is crucial for the client since it predetermines how the work uder the project will be going on during the implementation. Czech DEX then develops the full proposal under the coordination of the client.    

  •  Technology transfer

Technology transfer can be considered as one of the key activities leading to the successful application of innovations in practice. The identification of research which has a potential commercial interest is very distinctive and complex task. Thanks to being part of the Grupo DEX network, Czech DEX is able to use the long-term experience in this field, which Grupo DEX owns.

Our clients are universities, research centres, individual researchers or inventors, who approach Czech DEX with issues related to the transfer of technology field. Czech DEX then acts as an advisory body in the whole process which is realized by external experts in a cooperation with us. First important step is an evaluation of research to identify the commercial potential. The process of technology transfer is then fully realized by Czech DEX specialists or we take the advisory role. Each field of client´s focus need to be carefully examined in order to proceed in the most appropriate way.

Czech DEX is also active in the field of Technology Brokering. Technology Brokering is using current technologies in new or different ways in other markets or fields, which can also lead to a creation of new markets and industries.  

  •  Intellectual property

Intellectual property rights are used to protect the ownership of innovations and creativity. For Czech DEX clients is important to know how they can protect their IP. Regarding intellectual property Czech DEX has cooperated mainly with universities and research centres and also with individual researchers or inventors.

Czech DEX service in the field of IP is realized through counselling regarding the area of client´s interest. The actual realization of IP related activities are performed by external expert appointed by Czech DEX based the previous experience and with respect to client´s needs. Czech DEX is able to support their clients with IP auditing and the follow process of IP protection. IP evaluation helps to qualify and quantify the opportunities avalilable and leads to a strategy for the commercialisation of the results of reseach and innovation process. IP commercialisation then ensures effective uptake and dissemination of research results.


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