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Project management and Technical assistance

In the project management field Czech DEX works as a consulting company providing overall day to day project management support to the clients. Technical assistance such as progress reporting, communication with the respective programme authorities and other related institutions, is also a part of our services offered.

Czech DEX is successfully operating in the following community programmes:

  • Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)
  • Transregional cooperation programmes (OP Central, SEE TCP, etc.)
  • Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP)
  • The Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP)
  • LIFE + programme
  • PROGRESS programme

Czech DEX has a great experience regarding this service at national as well as international level.

  • Project management and Technical assistance at international level

This service is seeked by either lead partners or coordinators of international projects during the whole process of implementation.

Professional international project management of EU or world wide consortiums of partners is neccessary in order to achieve outputs and results at the project level according to the approved application form and programme requirements. Project management consists mainly of activities supporting the lead partner of the consortium in support of the lead partner of the project rearding the coordination of project activities, in communication with respected authorities and other members of the consortium, advisory in the field of financies and basically in the comprehensive counselling during the whole period of project impelentation.

Technical assistance provided by Czech DEX is concentrating on solving technical issues that might occur during the project implementation. Such issues include requests for budget shifts or project changes, even possible project partner changes. Technical assistance is also about the preparation of progress reports at the project level, solving of clarification requests related to reporting and the overall support of lead partner during the meeting with controlling authorities at the international level.

  • Project management and Technical assistance at national level

This key service is requested by lead partners and project partners of international projects for effective and efficient implementation of projects in the Czech and Slovak republic.

Project management and Technical assistance provided by Czech DEX towards the client consist of activities related to the financial management at national level, project reporting (complete preparation of progress reports) including the communication with the First Level Controler, the administration of relevant project documents and basically the overall support of the client during the project implementation.

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