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International project development

Project development is one of the key services provided by Czech DEX. We have an extensive track-record of successful project applications to various funded programmes. Project development includes all preparatory and pre-implementation activities preceding the final project proposal.

Czech DEX is successfully operating in the following community programmes:

  • Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)
  • Transregional cooperation programmes (OP Central, SEE TCP, etc.)
  • Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP)
  • The Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP)
  • LIFE + programme
  • PROGRESS programme

The subjects which Czech DEX has cooperated with regarding the project development service includes public authorities, NGOs, development agencies, associations of all kinds, SMEs, universities and other RTD actors.

Project development service can be perceived in two different ways considering the needs of our clients:

From idea to project

This service is targeting clients who have an idea wich they would like to develop into the international cooperative project funded through European community programme.

Czech DEX processes this idea in connection to the open calls within appropriate programme and follow up with the complete project development.

How does it work in reality?

When we are approached by a client, the first thing in order to determine the future successful cooperation is the understanding of client´s ideas and needs. Through an interactive brainstorming session we are then able to analyse all key aspects of client´s requirements in order to meet its expectations. The next step in this process is finding of the relevant call within open community programmes. Based on the conditions of the suitable call for proposal, experts from the Czech DEX team fulfill the requirements and develop the final project based on client´s intital idea.

Project development includes the following activities performed by Czech DEX:

  • preparation of Logical Framework of the project
  • preparation of WP detailed structures including all activities
  • outputs and indicators
  • partner search
  • development of detailed project budget for all project partners
  • development of all sections of Application form as well as all administrative documentation
  • procedures and preparations


Promotion in international projects

Through this service Czech DEX offers its clients the option to join existing consortiums of partners in order to gain and develop particular expertise or solve the challenges through the international cooperation.

First step is to understand our client´s need and overall idea of the cooperation. Through a brainstorming session we explore and comprehend all aspects needed in order to meet client´s expectations. Using our international network we are able to find relevant projects which suit client´s needs.

Czech DEX then addresses such consortium and promotes the client to become a project partner in the chosen project.

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